I have practiced yoga for over 10 years now. Practicing opened the doors and my heart to a whole new holistic world of wellness to me. I am health coach with an integrative nutrition certificate and a Yoga Hatha certification.
Throughout the years I have adapted my own practice to more ideologies that felt more wholesome to include. I like to create Vinyasa (dynamic)-Yin (restorative) (Vin-Yin) flows with a special topic for every class, including what is happening in the sky (astrology) and which chakras (energy points) to focus our asanas on. Listening to our bodies and learning their language is the biggest gift Yoga gives us during our physical practice in our mats. Once we learn to listen to our bodies we can tell and show ourselves unconditional love and full acceptance, and that is the base for true health and to thrive.
I like setting intentions for each of my classes and focus on breathing and meditation as well, learning how our bodies work and how to cope with stress and our defense mechanisms is key to better care for ourselves and calm our nervous systems to fully recover and restore.
I have also been focused on hormonal reform programs to help reset and support our hormonal cycles to thrive! As women we have learned that we have to endure our period when instead it is one of the most wonderful gifts from nature to help us tune in deeper with our surroundings, and I like bringing this care into my practice as well caring about which positions work best for our endocrine system. In relation to this, I have been holding women/moon circles for two years now, where we share, listen, and support each other in a scared space to create community.
Looking forward to share with you and embark together in your own Practice Journey.

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